Meet SnailBot

The best Discord bot for displaying the latest news from War Thunder, Crossout, Steam games and more.

An essential bot for a War Thunder server, and now many more games. Our top servers agree:

"SnailBot is a great help to running the Phly server with War Thunder being Phlys most played game, getting dev blogs and announcements for it was never this easy."


Phlying Circus Server Administrator

SnailBot has been integral to the growth of the TEC Hub community since it is able to provide a service which gives precise news on everything that is War Thunder. The communications that we have had with the team behind it has also been nothing short of respectable and proper."


War Thunder Content Partner

"SnailBot has helped our moderation team cut down on their time spent on formatting news posts and let them focus better on interacting with the community."

War Time Communications Discord

"SnailBot is must have bot. Having it on hand for news updates for almost any game services that supports RSS to an extent is really needed these days as you tend to miss out on minor to major updates. Customizable with easy to use commands, Staying up to date with an almost perfect uptime and with active developers makes it a must have bot to use."

War Thunder Community Unofficial Discord

"Perfect tool for a shill like me."


War Thunder Content Partner