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The best Discord bot for displaying news from War Thunder, Crossout and more.

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It's a bold statement, we know. But you don't have to take our word for it...

"Snailbot was a great help to running the Phly server with War Thunder being Phlys most played game, getting dev blogs and announcements for it was never this easy."


Phlying Circus Server Administrator

"SnailBot gives the latest updates, changelogs, videos on time. It's really nice."


Content Creator

"SnailBot has been integral to the growth of the TEC Hub community since it is able to provide a service which gives precise news on everything that is War Thunder. The communications that we have had with the team behind it has also been nothing short of respectable and proper. I am very proud to be sharing a community with the team behind SnailBot and cannot wait to see it grow and be used as a source for others to be used in a very productive way. The partnership with SnailBot that we have enjoyed over the past year has shown that a community can come together and create something great. Thank you to the SnailBot team for their wonderful service."


Content Creator, Owner of TEC HUB

"SnailBot is a good bot to post the latest news. When we have an issue with this bot, we contact the support and they solve the issue quickly. This is the best support that we've ever seen for a bot! Any suggestions? Just send a message to the developers, we can discuss with the developers of this bot, for an official community, it is very important, so we can improve the bot for the needs of our community."

Crossout Official Discord

"Perfect tool for a shill like me."


Content Creator, Owner of Scrublord Central