SnailBot Partnerships

Do you use and like SnailBot? Why not join our lovely squad of Partners?

Apply Now

In order to qualify for Partner, you must have at least 350 members on your server, at least 1 of our supported games enabled for feed, your server owner or administrator in charge of bots is on our Discord server and you have had SnailBot for at least 1 month.

Here's what you'll get...

Wiki Command


Yourself and your users will be able to search the War Thunder Wiki for...anything!

Partners Channel


An exclusive channel for Partners on our server! Easy access to the team for any questions you may have.

Moderation Tools

Perspective [BETA]

An exclusive feature for Partners which uses ConversationAPI to monitor your chat for toxicity.

Partner Status & Listing


You'll get the "Partner" role on our server, along with being listed on the list below if your server is large!

Partner Badge


A "SnailBot Partner" badge will be applied to your server's +serverinfo embed, making you stand out.

And more...

Coming Soon!

If you have a feature you'd want to be exclusive to partners, go ahead and suggest it on our Discord server!

But what would a Partnerships page be without displaying our most amazing partners?!
(They're super cool)

Phlying Circus

Click to join

The official server for PhlyDaily, a War Thunder Content Creator. One of SnailBot's largest servers!

War Thunder Unofficial Community Discord Server

Click to join

The unofficial server for War Thunder, run by War Thunder Veterans.


Click to join

The official server of TheEuropeanCanadian, a War Thunder Content Creator.

Crossout Official Discord

Click to join

Official Discord server of the very popular (and fun) online multiplayer game, Crossout.

JonManProductions Studio & Lounge

Click to join

Official server of JonManProductions, a War Thunder Content Creator.

Scrublord Central

Click to join

Official server of ManyMilesAway, a War Thunder Content Creator known for his "Unicorn Reviews" series.


Click to join

Official support server for the ThunderStats Discord Bot made by Dutchy#8775.